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Services offered

Face to face workshop
Your location $4000.00 plus travel and hotel. Workshops designed to meet your needs.  
  • QAPI (Quality Assurance Performance Improvement)
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • PIP (Performance Improvement Projects)
  • Specific topics identified during scheduled discussion-free, no fee charged to discuss needs and services offered.

To schedule a workshop for your nursing home staff at your location, submit the Request More Information Form.
Webinar training created for your nursing home.
$1500.00 for a one hour webinar created for your nursing home staff.  To plan a webinar for your staff, submit the Request More Information Form.

To schedule a free discussion about ordering either a face to face training, a webinar for your nursing home staff, or to identify your needs, submit the Request More Information Form.

Become a member.
  • will have access to monthly trainings to build their knowledge and skills. 
  • will have access to information to help them become better communicators 
  • will have access to techniques to help them become better teammates 
  • can complete the monthly trainings at their convenience 
  • can complete the monthly trainings at their pace within the thirty days 
Content changes every month. Each month interactive PowerPoints are designed to strengthen soft skills and knowledge. Techniques and methods that will strengthen abilities and skills of those who choose to practice them., will be available for thirty days.  

Become an Illuminator.

Courses to enhance communication and QAPI are available on the I Illuminate online school, https://iilluminate.learnworlds.com

Through wisdom is a house built; And by understanding it is established. And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.     
Proverbs  24:3-4  King James Version Bible
I Illuminate, Inc.

Coming soon-Scheduled face to face training workshops for nursing home staff near Chicago, IL

4 hour training workshops to help all nursing home staff understand QAPI and build stronger teams.